Exporting report data to Excel with different data types (e.g. numbers)

Arnaud Réveillon asked on April 22, 2020 09:28

Hello, I am creating reports in Kentico in order to export them to Excel. Unfortunately, all fields are exported as text in Excel. Is there a way to get the right data type (number, date, etc.) in Excel straight away? Thank you, Arnaud

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David te Kloese answered on April 23, 2020 10:26


Did you have a look at creating your own export templates?

Not sure if you'll be able to manage the data type set in the exported file... but worth a try!

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Arnaud Réveillon answered on April 23, 2020 11:36

Thank you David. I have tried these but they don't help: the ##DATA## placeholder is being replaced in one go, overwriting whatever customisation I had done on the template (e.g. colours, data type, etc.) From what I understand, these templates allow you to make changes around the placeholders but not to manipulate the exported data fields from the report.

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