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nikita mahanty asked on March 3, 2015 04:44

I have created a site using blank site and saved my master page as MYMasterPage template under the page template category MASTER.While exporting the site I make sure that master page is selected but after importing the site and trying to open site template in other system, I am again getting blank master page my designs layouts are not coming.I have checked in page template too.My Master page is missing there also. Please help

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Virgil Carroll answered on March 3, 2015 15:46

Question: Do you have any other assets such as images, CSS or additional templates that are needed that you might not be exporting as well?

Also have you looked into the Kentico event logs and looked to see if there was any errors thrown during the import process?

A little more information and we might be able to lead you in the right direction.

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nikita mahanty answered on March 5, 2015 10:47

Yes I have other assets as images,css and master page template.While exporting the site I make sure in object selection page all the object are selected even while importing also I am making sure all the new page templates and css,images are selected.still I am facing problem.

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