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Mark Cabana asked on March 16, 2020 01:25

Hello Team,

I'd like to ask if it is possible to export custom module binding classes? If so, can you point me to the right article to have a read through it.

I'm trying to export a binding class and I am always getting a "[SiteExportSettings.LoadDefaultSelection]: Missing code name column information for object type" error.

Regards, Mark

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on March 16, 2020 05:05

Did you enable enable export and staging for your class?

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Mark Cabana answered on March 16, 2020 05:31

@Peter - Yes I did. I resorted to adding a "Dummy" Class called "CodeName" and set the CodeNameColumn to "CodeName". I can not export my binding class using the dirty fix below. Not Ideal.

ImportExportSettings =
            IsExportable = true,
            ObjectTreeLocations = new List<ObjectTreeLocation>()
                // Adds the custom class into a new category in the Global objects section of the export tree
                new ObjectTreeLocation(GLOBAL, "Custom"),
        CodeNameColumn = "CodeName"
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