Error updating - Failed to create new object of class 'CMS.Document': String was not recognized as a

sreenu vas asked on November 10, 2014 07:53

I've Upgraded Kentico 8 site to 8.1. After upgrading I am not able to open any page type in my content tree. When ever I click on a page type I'm getting a pop up stating Internal server error. Please find the attachment for more details. Please help me in resolving this. My site is running on free license edition.

when i checked my eventlogs. I found the below in the event description

Message: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime.

Exception type: System.FormatException Stack Trace: at System.DateTime.Parse(String s, IFormatProvider provider) at System.Convert.ToDateTime(String value, IFormatProvider provider) at System.Convert.ChangeType(Object value, Type conversionType, IFormatProvider provider) at CMS.DataEngine.SimpleDataClass.SetData(Int32 columnIndex, Object value) at CMS.DataEngine.SimpleDataClass.LoadData(DataRow dr) at CMS.DocumentEngine.TreeNode.LoadFromDataRow(DataRow dr) at CMS.DocumentEngine.TreeNode.New[NodeType](String className, DataRow dataRow, TreeProvider treeProvider) at CMS.DocumentEngine.TreeProvider.SelectSingleNode[NodeType](String siteName, String aliasPath, String cultureCode, Boolean combineWithDefaultCulture, String className, Boolean selectOnlyPublished, Boolean checkPermissions, Boolean selectCoupledData) at CMS.DocumentEngine.TreeProvider.SelectSingleNode[NodeType](Int32 nodeId, String cultureCode, Boolean combineWithDefaultCulture, Boolean coupledData) at CMS.DocumentEngine.TreeProvider.SelectSingleNode(Int32 nodeId, String cultureCode) at CMS.UIControls.ContentUrlRetriever.GetRequestedUrlInternal(UIPageURLSettings settings, Boolean ajaxRequest) at CMS.UIControls.ContentUrlRetriever.GetRequestedUrl(String eventArgument, Boolean ajaxRequest) at CMS.UIControls.ContentUrlRetriever.OnPreInit(Object sender, EventArgs e) at System.EventHandler.Invoke(Object sender, EventArgs e) at CMS.UIControls.AbstractCMSPage.OnPreInit(EventArgs e) at CMS.UIControls.CMSPage.OnPreInit(EventArgs e) at CMSModules_Content_CMSDesk_Default.OnPreInit(EventArgs e) in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\Howlermail_29102014_1630\CMS\CMSModules\Content\CMSDesk\Default.aspx.cs:line 165 at System.Web.UI.Page.PerformPreInit() at System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequestMain(Boolean includeStagesBeforeAsyncPoint, Boolean includeStagesAfterAsyncPoint)

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Virgil Carroll answered on November 10, 2014 16:19

Do you have a transformation that is being used across all your pages? You would typically get this when an object cast is not working correctly. I would go into the page template used (if you are using the same) and first try removing transformations on web parts and if that does not work, remove the web parts to see if that takes care of the problem. Do it 1 at a time so you can see what s the affected piece.

If that does not work, post again and we can try something different.

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