Error saving documents to content tree

paul krysiak asked on January 27, 2017 20:27

Hello Kentico

I am trying to save documents but i get an errors that is not consistent with the TreeNode information

TreeProvider Tree = new TreeProvider(MembershipContext.AuthenticatedUser);
TreeNode AuthorRoot = Tree.SelectNodes().Path("/authors").OnCurrentSite().Culture("en-us").FirstObject;
// this exists AuthorRoot, see image below
   TreeNode AuthorPage = TreeNode.New("CMS.Author", this.Tree);

        AuthorPage.DocumentName = authorName;
        AuthorPage.DocumentCulture = "en-us";
       // AuthorPage.DocumentPageTemplateID = 26076;

            // Creates the Author page

I get these error

  • [TreeNode.GetSiteName]: Site is not specified or specified site does not exist.
  • [DocumentHelper.CheckParameters]: Parent node site not found.
  • this line " parentAuthor.Insert(AuthorPage);"

I know there is a site associated with the tree node, but the save is not recognizing it

Any ideas?


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Peter Mogilnitski answered on January 27, 2017 20:51


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paul krysiak answered on January 28, 2017 01:54

Thanks Peter

I can't believe I had them backwards

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