Error on ProcessPayment Method for

Stephen Herz asked on December 20, 2016 20:04

Using Kentico v9

I am trying to create a custom single page checkout. We are trying to use the out of the box Authorize.Net payment gateway. I have everything working up to the point that I try to process the credit card. When I call the ProcessPayment() method, I get the following exception

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

There is another forum post with exactly the same issue but no resolution.

My order is place correctly. The shopping cart has the proper billing address (shipping is not needed.)

PaymentGatewayProvider.OrderId = ShoppingCart.OrderId;
PaymentGatewayProvider.ShoppingCartInfoObj = ShoppingCart;

I can process the payment thru the dashboard so I know the Authorize.Net portion is set up correctly. Not sure what I am missing in my code. Any suggestions?

Here is my current code in case it helps.

AddItemToCart(_skuId, donationAmount);

SetUpCustomer(firstName, lastName, email, phone, address1, address2, city, stateId, 
    countryId, zipCode, nameOnCard, donationAmount, isRecurring, donationFrequency, subscribeNewsletter);

CurrentShoppingCart.Customer = _customer;
CurrentShoppingCart.RegisterAfterCheckout = true;
CurrentShoppingCart.ShoppingCartBillingAddress = _customerAddress;


CurrentShoppingCart.PaymentGatewayCustomData[AuthorizeNetParameters.CARD_NUMBER] = txtCardNumber.Text.Trim();
CurrentShoppingCart.PaymentGatewayCustomData[AuthorizeNetParameters.CARD_CCV] = txtSecurityCode.Text.Trim();
CurrentShoppingCart.PaymentGatewayCustomData[AuthorizeNetParameters.CARD_EXPIRATION] = CreditCardExpiration;

if (MyAuthorizePaymentProvider != null)
    MyAuthorizePaymentProvider.OrderId = CurrentShoppingCart.OrderId;
    MyAuthorizePaymentProvider.ShoppingCartInfoObj = CurrentShoppingCart;

    // Validate data if web part is not placed in wizard
    string validationMsg = MyAuthorizePaymentProvider.ValidateCustomData();
    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(validationMsg))
        // Do not continue if validation failed



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