Error getting 'Forum user favorites' data

Ryan Chang asked on December 13, 2021 18:56


I am trying to export and import the site but I keep getting the error "ERROR: Error getting 'Forum user favorites' data" when exporting. A further message indicated that "Message: [SqlHelper.BuildDistinctList] Forbidden character ',' is not supported in collection of values."

Actually, we haven't used the forum and the table is empty if I check our SQL server. Could you please lead me through this error, how can I fix it?

This is the complete error message:Exception type: System.NotSupportedExceptionStack Trace:at CMS.DataEngine.SqlHelper.BuildDistinctList(IEnumerable values)at CMS.DataEngine.SelectCondition.PrepareWhereCondition(String usedColumn, String method, String columnName, IEnumerable values, Boolean negation)at CMS.DataEngine.SelectCondition.PrepareCondition[T](String columnName, ICollection`1 values, Boolean negation)at CMS.CMSImportExport.SiteExportSettings.EnsureAutomaticSelection(GeneralizedInfo infoObj, Boolean siteObjects)at CMS.CMSImportExport.ExportProvider.GetExportData(SiteExportSettings settings, String objectType, Boolean siteObjects, Boolean childData, Boolean selectionOnly, TranslationHelper th)

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