Enable breadcrumbs and pin icon for custom module interface

Andy Bochmann asked on September 13, 2019 21:36


I've created a custom module interface, following these instructions: https://docs.kentico.com/k12/custom-development/creating-custom-modules/manually-creating-the-interface-for-custom-modules

I've also given it a title text and enabled "Display breadcrumbs" in the user interface section of my custom module. My module does show up in the application list and works fine. However, I can't figure out how to show the module title and the pin icon in Kentico's navigation bar. They do not show up next to the site selector drop-down.

How can I enable to title and pin icon for custom interfaces?

Thanks, Andy

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Brian McKeiver answered on September 14, 2019 17:37


Have you added the module to the specific site on the sites tab of the module?

The name should come from the parent item's Display Name field of the first item.

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Andy Bochmann answered on September 15, 2019 04:19 (last edited on September 15, 2019 07:48)


Thank you. I think my problem is, that I only have one page for my module and therefor only one item in the UI Interface tree.

After adding a parent page, which is just using the vertical tabs layout, I'm able to see the title and pin-icon in the header.

EDIT: I think the problem might be more related to me using a build-in template for the parent page, wheras the other page was using the custom UI with a URL.

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