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Kenny Deblaere asked on August 7, 2017 09:10


I'm creating an e-mail campaign, but when I'm sending the campaign, through a dynamic template, the priority is set to low.

Is there a way to change the priority to normal?

Kind regards


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Daniel Merta answered on August 7, 2017 13:49

Hello Kenny,

it is not possible to change the priority, let me explain why. A marketing e-mail has always a low priority, but it is actually not a problem, since it just mean "less important than system e-mails." So, it means that first system sends registration notification e-mails, forgotten password message and so on, and then it sends marketing emails.

If your e-mail queue contains no system messages, then marketing e-mails are not low, nor high.

However, if there is for example forgotten password message, you want to send it prior to thousands of marketing emails, so some user does not need to wait until all marketing emails are sent out, before he gets his forgotten password message.

Hope it helps!

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Kenny Deblaere answered on August 7, 2017 13:58 (last edited on August 7, 2017 14:30)

Hi Daniel

Thank you for your explanation.

The problem is, the mail gets a low importance flag Image Text

So is there a way to remove this flag? This is because the Kentico newsletter doesn't have this low importance flag.

Kind regards


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Daniel Merta answered on August 7, 2017 14:45


The priority that is set to marketing emails in Kentico is only used within Kentico. Kentico is not setting any priority-related headers/flags to the outgoing email messages. If you are receiving emails with low priority within Outlook inbox, it could potentially be caused by some rules on the SMTP server, on your Exchange server, or within Outlook itself.

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