Email Marketing: Automatic linking of Imported Subscribers and Contacts

Robert Redhead asked on June 23, 2016 19:43

Hello, we have implemented email marketing for our client and everything works well on the front end:

  1. A user arrives on the site, a corresponding contact is created.
  2. The user signs up for a newsletter, a corresponding subscriber is created.
  3. The contact and subscriber is merged/linked. From Contact Management, you can see the subscribers associated with the contact under Membership.

Everything is as expected... except when using the import functionality for contacts and subscribers in the CMS. Our client has an offline method for users to subscribe and they import by CSV into Kentico. They import them as contacts in Contact Management, and they import them as subscribers in Email marketing.

The issue is that Kentico doesn't seem to automatically link the imported contacts and subscribers as it would in #3 above. Is this expected, or intended? Is there a way to force this without custom code?

We are using Kentico 8.2.33

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