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nikita mahanty asked on March 5, 2015 13:06

Can I have color picker in kentico page tab so user can change the color for zone from picker and it will fix for live site.Picker should not show in live site.As I am putting web parts in zone so back ground color of zone i need to change in Page level not in design level.I want to use portal engine pages only.Is it possible or not?

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Charles Matvchuk answered on March 6, 2015 16:07

Could you please elaborate more what exactly you are trying to do ?

You could accomplish this by using JavaScript, or adding a property to the web parts you are using which would hold color, or if you are using a Custom Page Type you could have a field in the document, or you could modify the code of the Kentico Web Part to accommodate.

You would need to be very specific on what you are trying to do with an example.

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nikita mahanty answered on March 9, 2015 11:14

I am using a Zone with one web part i.e. Editable text web part.I want zone back ground color should be blue.If user want to change the color of zone he need not to go Design tab (in Edit mode). he will click on some button and pop up will open to select the color once user will select the color it will implement on zone.Its should work like an editor in page tab.

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