edit.aspx is Not Working on Custom Page Type Page Tab

kentico guy asked on August 20, 2021 21:29

Kentico 12.0.92 portal engine

I had this working before and I don't know what happened. I've got a custom page type and I've added /CMSModules/Content/CMSDesk/Edit/edit.aspx to the Editing page: field in the page type. For some reason Kentico is no longer showing the page editor when I click on the page tab. Right now Kentico is just showing the exact same tab for the form and the page tab.

Are there any other factors that would cause the page tab to not work properly with edit.aspx?

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Brian McKeiver answered on August 22, 2021 19:43

@kentico-guy that is the correct value to place in the correct field to redirect the Page tab to show the edit form instead of the standard behavior. I just placed it in a random page type on a dancing goat instance and it worked correctly. So if you don't want to show the edit form when clicking the page tab, then I would simply remove the value.

These things can be cached some times. If you recycle the app pool / restart the application via the system tab, that might "kick" the admin tool to get it to show the correct url when clicking the Page tab ui element after you change these settings.

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kentico guy answered on August 23, 2021 16:09

yes that worked, thanks! I had it backwards

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