Ecommerce Multisite Questions: Global products & Pricing

Keith Donnell asked on November 12, 2015 23:35

  1. Is it possible to convert a SKU from a standard SKU (already assigned to a single site) into a global product?
  2. Is there any way for a global SKU to have the same options/variants, but different pricing on different sites?

Correct Answer

Timothy Fenton answered on November 13, 2015 12:18

Hello Keith

  1. It should be enough to set the SKUSiteID to NULL for the sku you want to make global. This will make it work on both sites. A few things to keep in mind with this; first, you will need to copy the page representation of the SKU to the second site, also you will need to assign the page type you are using on the second site so that it will let you copy the page over. To set the SkuSiteID to null you can either use the Ecommerce API or just directly on database do this:


  1. This is not possible out-of-the-box as the price is stored in the COM_SKU object which is the same for both sites, the same goes for product options ( they are also stored in COM_SKU table ). SKUPrice is used in too many places throughout checkout / shoppingcart / localization of currency to be able to successfully add an additional price field to the com.sku class as well.
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