E-commerce - product with different price for different roles

benyamin jain asked on December 11, 2017 09:29

Hi there

we have three types of users

  • Users with Role A
  • Users With Role B
  • Users With Role C

With these group of users in hand we want to provide each group with special price.

Say ProductA price for group of users with Role A is p1 dollar but for Users with Role B the price must be p1+e dollar and so on.

When a user with Role A sign in to our private store he must see price P1 for productA and another user with Role B must see p1+e as a product price.

i want to know is there any way to implement this scenario in kentico ecommerce?

Possible ways of implementation could be :

  1. Customizing SkuInfoProvider
  2. Create a price form control and select role and entering product price for that role also e must use option one.

any way i am looking for best practice

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David te Kloese answered on December 11, 2017 17:06

Depending on how this custom rules are defined (and configurable?) I'd say go with a custom SkuInfoProvider overriding the price calculations

some sample/info https://docs.kentico.com/k10/e-commerce-features/customizing-and-developing-your-store/product-related-customizing/customizing-product-prices

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