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Mike Paulin asked on February 25, 2014 13:34

Greetings, I have one page on my site that has a collection of forms and other documents. I wanted the same content on four other sections of my site, so I created a new document and used 'Link to an existing document'. The reason for this is so that if I add, change, or delete content from this forms page, the other four pages are all updated at the same time and I don't have to visit each page to make the edits. However, each page has the same metadata page title and description and this is being flagged for duplicated titles in my SEO report. I tried to go to one of the pages and change the title, however, when doing this, the new title passes to all of the other pages. The 'inherit' check box is empty - no check mark in it. Any ideas as to how to have each of these pages have its own unique title? Thanks

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Jan Hermann answered on February 26, 2014 04:49


You can use macros in those metadata fields to make them unique. You can for example make a custom macro to make the output nicer, however for instance for simple unique titles you can append the NodeAliasPath macro like:

Page title: Home ({%NodeAliasPath%})

Best regards, Jan Hermann

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Mike Paulin answered on February 27, 2014 14:03

Hi Jan, Thanks for your reply. I am not familiar with writing macros for Kentico or where the macro would be inserted. I have started to search through the Kentico documentation, however, it might be just as easy to to not use the 'Link to an Existing Document' and instead create new pages - just it would take longer for page maintenance when content changes on one, to remember to get the other identical pages updated to match. Thanks

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