Download kentico document from external system

aileron stahn asked on June 30, 2015 06:51


We are developing an external application that will read some of Kentico's web pages and uploaded document. There is certain conditions need to be fulfilled:

  • these pages and document is not annonymous
  • only certain user role can have access to it

I manage to figure out how to query the pages and apply the security on it, but how about the document uploaded/attached, how is the best method I can use to expose this document through external system while still using kentico security feature. I have thought of possible solution as:

  • using .net webclient to download in our app and forward the bytes to the client (how do I login to kentico with certain user from c# code behind using this method ?)
  • directly using the document link from kentico with appended security token (after using api to login as certain user), is this posible?

Please kindly help to confirm whether my solution is feasible or any better solution for this scenario.

Many Thanks.


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