Document Language Missing on Login Page

Mike Bilz asked on March 16, 2019 00:12

hello Kentico Team,

A recent ADA check of my site is returning an error on the login page: "/CMSPages/logon.aspx". Specifically that the page does not have an HTMl language tag.

    Administration sign-in

Is it possible for me to edit this page? Or is there another document or setting I need to alter to make this change?



Correct Answer

David te Kloese answered on March 18, 2019 11:44


best solution would be to create your own custom logon. This way you can also use your own website style.

you can use the default Logon form Web Part (or create a copy and custemize it's code) and use the "Website logon page URL" in the Settings - Security & Membership > Content section to define your custom logon page.

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