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Viola Feinai asked on December 4, 2019 11:15

I need to implement search functionality to different groups of results in the same page. Currently I have three search dialogs that are related to three search results (each search dialog is connected to exactly one search result web part through its web part id), however when I type something in one of the search dialogs all search results are affected instead of the one that is related.

Thank you in advance

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on December 4, 2019 13:58

If i am not mistaken search parameters (searchtext and searchmode) are passed by query string . Th e search results web part is looking for them. If you have 3 of thenm one page - they all going to be executed.

You have a user interface issue. 3 search boxes on one pages is a bit confusing. You need have one search box and drop where a user can pick search group (i.e. search index(s)). Essentially you need to form a query string like this ?searchtext=test&searchmode=anyword&searchindexname=CorporateSite.Default

And inside search result web part you put macro in search index text box: {%searchindexname%}.

So basically the only thing you need do is to add a drop down that will add/update selected index in the query string

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