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stark g asked on March 10, 2019 05:27

Hi Team, I tried to display the products using smart search results, I took the reference from the dancing goat website, I tried to replicate the same pattern followed in that but, I got an issue while using smart search results, all the products available under store are loading now, I need to fix that can you please suggest me any other configuration steps i may missed while using smart search results.

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David te Kloese answered on March 11, 2019 11:38

What is the issue? Do you see too much results, or expect more? Do you use Portal (and what Web Part did you use for display) or MVC (how does your request code look like)? What configurations did you make? Did you create a different index? Does it also give you the same issue if you use the Preview search on the index?

This might help us find your issue.

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