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Virgil Carroll asked on April 2, 2020 17:55

Hey all,

We have a customer with an urgent request. They need to build out a form that needs inline display text (quite lengthy) to sit inside the form between different elements and sections. Where obviously this is a custom form control, just wondering if we can store the values inside (raw HTML) the form properties itself or if there is a better method, such as store the display text in an outside table or something?

Trying to find a quick assist, so thought I would ask the community.


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Dmitry Bastron answered on April 2, 2020 18:19

Hi Virgil,

Basically, I see two options here:

  • Create a custom form control, store raw HTML in form control property (quickest and easiest way for single language website)
  • Create a custom form control, and use localizing form fields approach, and store raw HTML in localization string
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Virgil Carroll answered on April 2, 2020 19:10

Thanks Dmitry. This was what I was thinking to, but appreciate the validation!

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