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Brett Simmonds asked on August 14, 2014 16:08

I've been looking into some of the Kentico training paths and options, and I was curious about our next step for the developer path. It doesn't seem that a DEV02 training course is scheduled. Is this something that needs to be done on a case by case basis? Is this only offered every once in a while? A lot of the topics covered in this training could answer some of our lingering questions within the Kentico CMS.

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David Stula answered on August 27, 2014 12:11

Hi Brett, apologies for the late reply. Unfortunately, the DEV02 course is going through a major redesign to focus on real world scenarios and best practices, similar to what we did with DEV01. We expect the course to be ready by the end of the year, however, we will be rolling out smaller parts of the course earlier than that. Please make sure to keep an eye on my blog here, where I will post every time a new course comes out.

Regarding your lingering questions - have you considered Kentico consulting? Our consultants could tailor a custom training to answer those on top of an overall advanced development training.

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