Depending dropdownlist in Bizform

rafik maher asked on April 21, 2014 23:02

Hi guys,

I have grain products divided by 3 drop down lists: main product, product type and product grade. Each one depending on what you choose on the field before from 3 custom table like country and state. The problem is it's in bizform. I tried to develop form control for this kind of situation but It look I am missing something. Each one has own column field. But how I can get the data id of the first dropdownlist field column to the second dropdownlist field column in my cs file to make sql query and get data from custom table by comparing the id of the first dropdownlist and the id in custom table.

If I put them all in the same column field, it's not a problem but I want them in different column field. I wamt the user get the result of the second and third dropdownlist when he select the first field not after saving the form in bizform.

Did someone help me about finding the solution with bizform.

My best regards

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