Customize OrderItemEdit.aspx.cs file and create an installable package for it

Vibhuti Choubey asked on February 14, 2019 08:23


I want to edit OrderItemEdit.aspx file where I have added a few more fields to be displayed in that form. I actually want to create an installable package which overrides the core OrderItemEdit.aspx file but I don't want to create a new custom module for this. How can this be achieved?


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Eric Dugre answered on February 19, 2019 17:17


Kentico offers methods to create import packages and NuGet packages for custom modules, but this doesn't include system files such as OrderItemEdit.aspx:

If you want some package that you can distribute which will contain your customizations to OrderItemEdit.aspx, you may be able to create a standard NuGet package: Otherwise, I'd recommend manually creating an archive which contains a README for instructions on where to place the customized file(s).

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