Customer Query Repeater with a stored procedure

Shane Cao asked on August 7, 2018 15:55

I am trying to call a stored procedure that takes in 3 inputs (State, Zip, & Distance). Upon submit of the search the values inputted will be put in the query string which is how I am trying to get them to pass to the stored procedure.

I decided to use a repeater with a custom query, which in my Query I have set up like this:

exec Republic.BranchesNearZip @zip = '{%zipCode%}', @state = '{%state%}', @miles = '{%distance%}'

with a transformation.

When I check my inspector I see the values in the response, but I keep getting, 'No Data Found', but If I were to hard code the values into the custom query it seems to work.

I'm so confused..

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on August 7, 2018 16:24

Please don't post questions twice. This was already discussed

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