Custom user control with external API changes not reflecting

Jenilyn Sanchez asked on September 14, 2018 14:59

Hi, I'm building a portal engine site. I created a custom user control where my template(html block) is embedded then on the code behind I have an API call where I am assigning the data in my template tru innerText. I then register this new user control in kentico and use in my web part zone. The problem now is after I change the API endpoint the old result from old API is still showing. Not sure if this is a caching issue with kentico. In my local instance data was updated but in staging instance it is not updating.


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David te Kloese answered on September 14, 2018 15:34

You probably have one of the following two configured:

  • Output cache (full page) - caches the full HTML output of pages.

Image Text

  • Partial output cache - caches the HTML output of individual page components (web parts).

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Check the following docs for info

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