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Sid Chudasama asked on March 5, 2018 16:28

Hi everyone,

I have few custom tables used for smart search filters. We need to translate data in those custom table. i see a translate field check box in custome table fields option(I think that should allow me to enter data for different culture but i dont see extra textbox while adding data), but couldn't find any more information on how to make it work. Filters are populated using query.

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Sid Chudasama answered on March 7, 2018 15:43

Found another way to do it. You can use Resource string with {$stringkey$} function where you input custom table data. (Note Macro doesn't work {%GetString("srtingkey")%}), Didn't try to add evaluate macro function in filter query since it is only for transformations I think. If you are using transformation you can try it.

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Matt Nield answered on March 5, 2018 17:56

Custom tables dont support translation. your best bet is to add a new column to your table to indicate which culture that row relates to.


FruitId  | FruitName
1        |  Apple
2        |  Banana
3        |  Cherry


FruitId  | FruitName  | Culture
1        |  Apple     | en-GB
2        |  Banana    | en-GB
3        |  Cherry    | en-GB
4        |  Jabłko    | pl-PL
5        |  Banan     | pl-PL
6        |  Wiśnia    | pl-PL

You can then filter your queries based upon culture.

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Sid Chudasama answered on March 5, 2018 18:06

Thanks Matt Nield, that's what i was going to do as last resort. Looks like thats the only option. Thanks for the reply.

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