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Arjan Pot asked on February 25, 2015 14:47

Please confirm what I found out: an implementation of CMSNotificationGateway is triggered by the values in:

  • SubscriptionEventSource (e.g. Content)
  • SubscriptionEventCode (e.g. UPDATEDOC)
  • SubscriptionEventData1 (e.g. /%)
  • SubscriptionEventData2 (e.g. CMS.Product)

Is that correct, is there any documentation?

My second question is if it is possible to trigger a CMSNotificationGateway when an item in the media library is changed. Is there an event for that?


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Timothy Fenton answered on March 2, 2015 15:21

Hello Arjan!

You should be able to use object event handling to get your desired result, even on custom objects. You can check out the documentation on this here:

if you are using portal engine at all you can use this, which is built into kentico for allowing users to subscribe to content changes:

if you are using 100% aspx templates then you can use global event handlers to accomplish the same thing, it will just be a bit more work.

Hope this helps!

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