Custom Stock Tracking by variants

Gabor Ferencz asked on January 16, 2015 11:03


We have a custom, MVC implementation of Kentico that integrates with an ERP system for the product management. Currently, we have all products set to track stock by variants, this allows us to link the variants to the ERP variants, and have stock per variant, but we'd like to stop Kentico's in-built functionality to reduce the stock count on a sale, and replace it with our own syncing with the ERP.

is this possible to do? Can you let me know how?

We have a Kentico 8.1 system.

Many thanks! Gabor

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Jakub Oravec answered on January 16, 2015 13:32

Hi Gabor,

The stock is updated in SKUInfoProvider.UpdateInventoryInternal(ShoppingCartInfo cartObj) method. Try to customize it with an empty implementation.

More about provider customization can be found here.

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