Custom Shipping in Kentico 13 core

rafik maher asked on June 13, 2022 22:47

I have an issue of creating custom shipping provider to be available in core. Example I created a shipping multi shipping career in custom class in Kentico 13 admin and in admin eCommerce order I can create an order with multi shipping career with success. But in core app in checkout I get error message saying: ClassNotLoadedException: Custom class 'MultiCarrier' was not found. Please make sure you register it properly using RegisterCustomClass attribute, or that you provide it through OnGetCustomClass event.

I don't get it where I can register it is already register in Kentico 13 admin website.

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Josh Cossiboon answered on June 16, 2022 20:14

Rafik - The Custom Class needs to be registered in both the CMS application and the front end application. Best way to do it is to use a .net standard class library project. The project would be referenced in the CMSApp and your front end app.

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