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Sam Power asked on May 19, 2015 03:19


I built a custom search index using the following instructions:

I was wanting to confirm how often does the Rebuild run on a custom search index given it is unaware of what data it contains?

Thanks, Sam

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Jake Burgy answered on May 19, 2015 21:02

Indexing should occur automatically whenever any content is modified that falls under the scope of the index, and anything that "falls through the cracks" (or is missed), so to speak, should be picked up by the "Execute search tasks" scheduled task that is run every 4 hours (by default).

See this documentation article on Smart Search Indexes for more info.

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Sam Power answered on May 20, 2015 01:17

Thanks Jake. Given it is a custom search index the system would be unaware of which content falls under the scope of the index. So I guess it just runs every 4 hours. Thanks.

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