Custom React Component Error

Matt Larrabee asked on February 13, 2024 21:49

Hi All, I'm trying to get the provided ColorSelector form component working in XbyK Color Selector Documentation I was able to get everything set up. I can add the color selector as the Form component in a text field: selecting component

but when I add an instance of that content type I get the following:

Content error message

With a console error that points to this react error:

Element type is invalid. Received a promise that resolves to: undefined.

Haven't worked with React much and followed the Xperience by Kentico documentation to get to this point. Any help in pointing me in the right direction is appreciated.

Correct Answer

Liam Goldfinch answered on February 14, 2024 14:26


DevNet is for Kentico Xperience 13.

Questions for Xperience by Kentico should be submitted on the Community site here, I would recommend submitting on there and the community can assist you with this query.

Edit: discussion continued here.

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