custom-provider not called

benyamin jain asked on July 6, 2019 16:23

HI i am testing CustomProvider class registration in kentico cms version 7.0; i found that in some unknown conditions custom provider code was not called.

can anyone approve that in witch conditions system does not call custom provider code?(cache,callbacks or ?...)

I am register CustomCreditEventProvider in EcammerceMaduleLoader Init.

public override void Init()
        CreditEventInfoProvider.ProviderObject = new CustomCreditEventInfoProvider();
        ShoppingCartItemInfoProvider.ProviderObject = new CustomShoppingCartItemInfoProvider();

        SystemMethods.OnGetObject += SystemMethods_OnGetObject;

        ClassHelper.OnGetCustomClass += GetCustomClass;
        ObjectEvents.Insert.Before += Insert_Before;
        ObjectEvents.Update.Before += Update_Before;

i found that ObjectEvents (Insert_Before,Update_Before) also not called.

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