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Alexander Staroselsky asked on July 5, 2017 21:29


When using the Page Selector input control for a custom Page Type, what transformation method and/or properties can be used to get the SEO friendly page URL of the selected page from the Page Selector?

<%# GetDocumentUrl("CustomColumnName", Eval("NodeAliasPath")) %> seems to return a permanent path with the GUID in the returned URL.

<%# GetDocumentUrl("CustomColumnName") %> and <%# GetDocumentUrl(Eval("CustomColumnName")) %> seem to return nothing/empty string.

<%# GetUrl(GetDocumentUrl("CaseStudyResource", Eval("NodeAliasPath")), Eval("DocumentUrlPath")) %> seems to return path prefixed with get /CMSPages/~~/getdoc and also has the GUID in the return URL.

Thank you for any help you can provide in generating a friendly link from the page selected in Page Selector of a custom Page Type. The goal is to provide a link to a selected document/page, if there is a different input control that should be used for this purpose, that could work great also.

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Alexander Staroselsky answered on July 5, 2017 21:44

I was able to use the URL Selector control instead of the Page Selector. It was exactly what I need to get the SEO friendly URL of the selector page/document.

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