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Andrei Panait asked on March 13, 2017 00:13


I am working on a site consisting of articles, players and teams. Each team have several players and articles. Each player can belong to multiple teams and have several articles also. Each article can have links to several players and teams.

I want to have the articles defined as page types in order to be able to have access to workflow and versioning and the players and teams defined as classes within a custom module, due to the high number of entries in each entity. The linkage between articles, players and teams would be done using custom M:N classes.

In order to have a consistent UI, I want to have the Page Form with tabs, vertical or horizontal, and under each tab to have different groups of items. For example General to hold the usual fields, Players tab to hold a list with players, Teams to hold a list of teams. I can easily define this type of UI for a custom class, how can I do that for the Form tab under Pages application? I could have the the players and teams list under the same unique Form page, if with tabs is not possible.

Also is there a way to use the versioning and/or workflow features with custom module classes, maybe by implementing some custom code within the classes code?

Thank you.

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Roman Hutnyk answered on March 13, 2017 12:10

Workflow is applicable to pages only. You could implement something custom, but this would be completely separate from Kentico workflows.

In order to add players and and teams you could add a separate tab e.g.: Page | Design | Forms | Properties | Custom Tab and place Teams And Players underneath it. Kentico does not recommend association Pages with any custom class, however this is possible. You'll have to use {%nodeid%} macro in order to retrieve page node id on your custom UI element.

In case you want to show players and teams under the Forms tab - you could implement custom form control, that will list appropriate data.

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Jan Hermann answered on March 13, 2017 12:49

Or you can implement custom New page the way the Page (menu item) has it (Page types -> Page (menu item) -> General -> New page)

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Andrei Panait answered on March 14, 2017 17:08

Thank you, these are good suggestions.

I am trying to add a tab having a "Edit bindings" page template and I get an error because UIContext.EditedObject is not set. I would like to use the "Edit bindings" template instead of "Objects listing" because of the automation it provides. Is this possible?

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