Custom Module User Interface

Suneel Jhangiani asked on September 17, 2018 19:58

I'm working on a new custom module and have a fairly odd scenario in that I have a hierarchy like 'Clients' > 'Projects' > 'Jobs' > 'Roles'.

Easy enough to set-up as Parent / Child all the way down the Hierarchy. However, I need to have a UI that allows 'Clients', 'Projects' and 'Roles' to be Apps within the user interface. I have done this using ASPX pages and the individual pages do work as expected.

Where I am struggling is how to get the breadcrumbs right. For example at present when you click to edit a Project on the 'client properties -> project list' the breadcrumb at the top still shows Clients > {client name} (project).

In addition, because I use the Vertical tabs page type, when I am on the 'Project properties' page if I click the 'arrow in the tab navigation' to go back, it takes me back to the 'Clients' app if I started there, and if I start on the 'Projects' app it does not appear to have an effect (ie. does not take me back to the Project listing).

I should add that I am adding parameters to the querystring. For example if you click on Project under the 'Client Properties' the clientId is added as a parameter. This in turn allows me to filter the Projects by the clientId and to hide columns from the list that would display client info.

Hopefully someone understands the issue and give me some guidance?

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