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Delford Chaffin asked on October 1, 2015 23:24

Kentico Version: 8.2.39

I have created a Custom Module with a Class that I need to import a bunch of data into. When I run the Kentico Import Toolkit, I can't figure out if there is a configuration of options that will allow me to do this. Is this possible? If so, what am I missing. If it is not possible with the Kentico Import Toolkit, does anyone have another suggestion to getting Excel data into my class's database table?


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Joshua Adams answered on October 2, 2015 16:57

The toolkit can work for simple scenarios. I just used it to import a series of blogposts into a site. The only caveats with the tool are that it can't write into multiple tables, at least from what I have seen. If your module is a simple table, then you would be fine to select the excel file and run through the wizard. If it is connected with other tables and is more complex, then you will have to create a simple import tool and parse the excel file to get the nodes and data that you want. The tool should allow you to select a file when you get past the first couple of screens. After that, you map the fields to your data structure and import. Just make sure you back up your files first and database, just to be safe.

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