Custom Macro working in DEV, but not in STG

Alistair DeJonge asked on August 25, 2016 18:12

I have created and registered a custom macro following all the steps in the documentation. The macro is working successfully on our DEV site, but when we promote the files to our STG site, the macro is not being found.

It is a simple macro that take a string value and evaluates it to determine if it is an image file name.

We have used the Macros console to test it and it keeps resolving as NULL, when on our DEV site it works.

Is there a step we are missing when promoting files to our STG site?

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Richard Sustek answered on August 25, 2016 18:57

How exactly have you "promoted" the file from your dev to stage? If you are using Web application then you actually need to rebuild the solution in your stage environment to see new files. I'm assuming that this is most probably your case because if you would use web site project then you would just need to copy the file to App_Code folder (or custom class library project which is referenced by CMS or uses AssemblyDiscoverable attribute)

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Alistair DeJonge answered on August 31, 2016 18:28

We found out that the we were promoting to the wrong server. Thank you for your help, though.

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