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Keith Donnell asked on August 25, 2015 22:19

We are implementing our first Kentico ECommerce project, and I am wondering if there is something obvious I am missing when it comes to customizing the individual product page.

Our design for the product page has a single textbox for each variant, so the user can add multiple quantities of each variant to the cart. First off, I don't think this functionality exists out of the box. Second, I could not find any documentation specifically on templating a product page with the exact markup that is needed.

My thought at this point is to create a custom Web Part that will be used for the entire product template, using the example code I was able to find in ~/CMSModules/Ecommerce/Controls/ProductOptions/ShoppingCartItemSelector.ascx.

Is this the right approach, or did I totally miss something?

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Pedro Costa answered on August 26, 2015 11:52

Hi Keith,

By what you described, you don't need to make the custom web part the whole of product template.

Assuming you're developing in portal mode, you should instead make it just for the described behaviour (list all variations with a unit textbox and a submit button).

You can then include this web part (read user control) in a transformation like in the ecommerce site template or here

I hope this may have helped?

Cheers, P.

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Keith Donnell answered on August 26, 2015 18:24 (last edited on August 26, 2015 18:24)

Hello Pedro,

I was going to use your approach, but there are multiple submit buttons in our design, and the text boxes aren't directly near the submit button(s) in the markup. In order to match the markup that has already been created and have the submit buttons and repeater appear within the same web part, it makes sense for us to push the entire product page into a web part.

Also, the link you provided ( is for creating a "Product" page (a standard Kentico page), not a functional e-commerce product page with variants, quantity(ies), and add to cart functionality.

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