Custom Data Type not visible on Content Type

Dalton Kirk asked on January 19, 2023 09:58

I have a custom FormComponent that uses the new React.js capabilities in Xperience by Kentico. And it saves the data as a custom DTO class I created. For widget properties it was working fine.

Then I wanted to use the control for Content Types too. I did some investigating and came to the conclusion that I needed to register my custom DTO class as a new Data Type so that I could select it as the data type for the property on my Content Type, which would then allow me to use my custom FormComponent.

Following this I have registered my custom data type and I am able to select it in a Content Type property I can also select my custom FormComponent as the editor.

However, when I go to edit the page, that field does not show up whatsoever and there are not browser console logs and no errors in the Event Log.

Any ideas?

Some extra info, I changed my custom react form component to save a string instead of a custom DTO class and selected it as the editor for a text property on a Content Type. The Custom Form control loaded fine. So I'm inclined to think there's something wrong with my data type.

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