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Yasmin Saad asked on December 2, 2017 20:25

hi guys; I added a custom module and added a class insid it .each time I use classInfoProvider I get this error Message: Custom class 'CustomCountry.PNP_CountryInfoProvider' was not found. Please make sure you register it properly using RegisterCustomClass attribute, or that you provide it through OnGetCustomClass event. how I can solve this ? thanks

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Matt Nield answered on December 3, 2017 01:02

A few things to check:

  1. Check that your project has [assembly:AssemblyDiscoverable] set in AssemblyInfo.cs
  2. If you are using a web aplication project in Visual Studio rather than a _web site_, then ensure that you have:
    1. Added the new class file to your project in the solution explorer
    2. You have built the solution
  3. Try adding [assembly: RegisterCustomClass("MyClassName", typeof(MyCustomClass))] to your class file. (from Loading custom classes from App_Code)
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