Creating pages based on page type causing issue in kentico 12sp1

Nikhila Reddy Pocha asked on September 6, 2019 22:05

Hi All,

I m struggling with very weird issue in kentico12sp1 while creating a page in kentico content tree based on custom page type or built in page type using kentico admin. After choosing a page type and click on create a page button its not rendering the page creation form instead of this it result an a error such as Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express\cms\CMSScripts\CMSModules\CMS.PageTemplates\TemplateSelector.localization.json'.


I m unable to get why it referencing to program files folder path in c: drive.

Note: the file which it is seeking to be is already available into current solution folder.

Any clue or like this problem you people's faced earlier? Please share your opinion.

Thanks in advance


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vasu yerramsetti answered on September 7, 2019 12:41 (last edited on September 7, 2019 12:59)

Your source code is missing CMS.PageTemplates folder and it is coming from Kentico 12.0.29 SP installation. [Kentico 12 SP introducing PageTemplates module for MVC]. I replicated in my local renaming the CMS.PageTemplates folder under CMSScripts->CMSModules and I am getting same experience.

Note: Please copy CMS.PageTemplates folder from your existing Kentico 12 SP instance to your current project (which was getting error) if any. Or install new Kentico 12 SP website.

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Brandon Owens answered on January 8, 2020 20:20

Hey Nikhila,

Did you find a solution to this? I am seeing the same issue on another project running on Kentico 12SP.

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