Creating a Report to display what pages use a certian image

James Robb asked on November 20, 2015 15:17

Good afternoon,

Is there anyway to create a custom report that allows us to type in a image name (that has been uploaded to the media library) and have it display every page that uses that image?

Basically we would like to know what product images we have that are using "image coming soon" image to we can go back and update them with the 'real' product image?

Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Timothy Fenton answered on November 20, 2015 17:18

this is not built in functionality, however you could try to accomplish this in a couple ways. First you could try setting up a report that does a query to the DB like

SELECT DocumentName,DocumentNamePath FROM CMS_Document WHERE CONTAINS(DocumentContent, '@inputparameter')

However the "CONTAINS" will require the CMS_Document table to be full-text indexed in order to work, you could try using a "LIKE" statement instead however the performance may be really bad here.

Another solution could be to use a page crawler search index on all pages in your site, then you could use smart search webparts on a custom module ui page to search and create some report via a custom module.

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James Robb answered on November 20, 2015 17:21

Many thanks Timothy,

I'll give these options a go and see what happens..

Kind Regards

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