Create search index from joined custom tables? From a view?

Marcel Guldemond asked on February 27, 2017 17:03

What we'd like to do:

Search on our product data, which is stored in custom tables, with parameters applied to both the parent product table and the child variant table.

We could create a view with the two tables joined, but is it possible to create a search index based on a custom view?

Currently, we're creating another custom table with all the fields resulting from a join of the two tables, and then we're going to populate it using a stored procedure.

Is there a better way to do this?

thanks, Marcel

Recent Answers

Zach Perry answered on February 27, 2017 17:58

You can create a custom search index instead of getting files like in the example, you would use a DataQuery to get your results from your custom tables, then just set the fields you want to display in the search results, and which values would be searchable.

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