Continuous integration object restoration not working after upgrade from kentico 10 to 11

Manoj Meena asked on December 4, 2019 17:11

We recently upgraded from Kentico 10 to 11. After upgrade we are facing problem with continuous integration object restoration in live environments. 1. After upgrading the code we upgraded the database and ran the continuous integration to update the xml's 2. After that to test the object restoration we ran the continuous integration -r against a database backup and it restores well in local and there was no errors 3. We have Jenkins pipeline which deploys the file changes and also runs the continuous integration -r in the live environments 4. During the Object restoration to live environment the process is trying to delete the fields which were added newly in kentico 11 though the xml's are already updated with new fields.

Example: the below field which process is trying to delete was added in ekntico 11 and updated in xmls Query: ALTER TABLE COM_PaymentOption DROP COLUMN [PaymentOptionAuthorizedOrderStatusID]

Caused exception: The object 'FK_COM_PaymentOption_PaymentOptionAuthorizedOrderStatusID_COM_OrderStatus' is dependent on column 'PaymentOptionAuthorizedOrderStatusID'. ALTER TABLE DROP COLUMN PaymentOptionAuthorizedOrderStatusID failed because one or more objects access this column.

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David te Kloese answered on December 4, 2019 17:17

Did you apply the upgrade to your production environment first?

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