Connecting e-commerce module to an existing ERP system

Chetan Sharma asked on December 17, 2015 13:23


We are working to produce an e-commerce solution

Our Client has his products on an ERP system, most probably SAP. He wishes to keep products there and pull information to Kentico somehow. At the same time he wishes to keep information on both end-points i.e Kentico & ERP in sync.

I have constructed a few basic questions for help you understand our problem better.

I guess you have products in ERP and want to display them online. Right? YES

Do you only want to display them in Kentico or do you also plan to use Kentico E-commerce to build an e-shop? We want to sell the products from ERP with Kentico e-commerce and later may be move entirely to Kentico.

Do you need real-time information from ERP? Yes. I thought to build a synchronization between the ERP and Kentico E-Commerce.

In case of the e-shop, do you need to send orders from Kentico back to ERP? Yes

And customers? Do you need to load existing customers from ERP? Yes

Thanks, Chetan

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David te Kloese answered on December 17, 2015 14:13


What is your question exactly?


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Alexandre Guytard answered on April 18, 2017 11:33

Hello ,

Could you please give me more information regarding Connect Kentico 10 with SAP ( ERP and CRM ) ? do someone already worked on this integration ?

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