Configure widget options are appearing far above the widget itself

santhoshkumar budhihal asked on August 17, 2016 08:57

I have two editor zones and I am adding one widget on the first header zone and few more in the second content editor zone.

Problem is, if there is one widget in the editor zone then the configure options appear right there itself upon clicking

but if there are multiple widgets added in one editor zone, in my case am adding multiple widgets to content editor zone, all the widget configuration setting popup appears somewhere else, most of the times at the upper end of the page, to access it i try to minimize the zoom to 33% in browser but this is not at all satisfactory. See this video here -> Widget Configuration

What could be the issue ? how to solve it ?

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Richard Sustek answered on August 17, 2016 09:11

Thank you for the video - it really helps understand the issue.

In your case I'm afraid that some of your CSS is being applied to Kentico's element as well. The zones that you see in Page/Design tab are just standard HTML elements with some CSS being applied to them. Since the zones are placed on the same page as your own CSS/JS, its styles can be overridden.

Solution in your case would be to use Developers tools/Firebug to investigate which of your styles are being applied to Kentico zones and then make your styles more specific. So for example instead of having a style like:

    margin: 40px;

which is very generic and is by default applied to each div you should have:

    margin: 40px;
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