CMS Menu Names after 7 to 8 Upgrade

EM DEV asked on June 25, 2014 13:45

I have performed the 7->8 upgrade 3 times in a test environment to try and resolve the issue I am seeing. Link names are displaying improperly for some menu items throughout the new version. Anyone else experience this and could give some insight? Did I miss a step somewhere?


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Joshua Adams answered on June 25, 2014 15:02

Have you compared your solution/files to an default 8.0 instance? This looks like it would deal with the resx file. Maybe your upgrade didn't take care of that? I would try to take the one from the 8.0 and copy it to the upgraded solutions. Keep a back up just in case.

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EM DEV answered on June 25, 2014 15:29

Gah! Thanks for pointing out my ignorance. It helps if you go through after the upgrade and merge those files with the .new appended. :)


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