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ANKIT MISTRY asked on July 9, 2015 15:33


I am using Kentico 6.0 In our ECommerce web site to upload image from CMS we have used CMS FileUploader. Which was working fine till now, but now when i select file to upload i am getting alert with below error message :

[HttpWebRequest_WebException_RemoteServer]Arguments: NotFoundDebugging resource strings are unavailable. Often the key and arguments provide sufficient information to diagnose the problem. See

I checked in Firebug from there i got below error :

"NetworkError: 403 Forbidden - http://mywebsite/CMSModules/Content/CMSPages/MultiFileUploader.ashx?filename=Upload+Issue.png&CurrentFileIndex=1&FilesCount=1&GetBytes=true&MediaLibraryArgs=&FileArgs=&AttachmentArgs=&ResizeArgs=0;0;0&MetaFileArgs=MetaFileID%7c0%7cObjectID%7c5000579%7cSiteID%7c2%7cObjectType%7ccustomtableitem.customtable.handset_image%7cCategory%7cImage%7cHash%7ccfb683566741382b95d9434b7a17b48406da92e930cd55d1b7c23d3932f317d3&ForumArgs=&AdditionalParameters=SourceType%7cMetaFile%7cParentElementID%7cm_c_ucMetaFileRed5%7cIsInsertMode%7cTrue%7cAfterSaveJavascript%7c%7cTargetFolderPath%7c%7cTargetFileName%7c%7cIncludeNewItemInfo%7cFalse%7cOnlyImages%7cFalse%7cRaiseOnClick%7cFalse%7cTargetAliasPath%7c%7cTargetCulture%7c%7cEventTarget%7c%7cHash%7c6b608e0ba5e524649a68b11ba1e0d3dcd05e1df98da76a7613336adf74003f1b&AllowedExtensions=pdf;doc;docx;ppt;pptx;xls;xlsx;htm;html;xml;bmp;gif;jpg;jpeg;png;wav;wma;wmv;mp3;mp4;mpg;mpeg;mov;avi;swf;rar;zip;txt;rtf|Hash|e4821947dfef4b41bcc0a381775b666733f785663a6621bd59e96b3d157f7fa2&InstanceGuid=119fff8e-15c2-4763-881f-59f99e362efd"

I tried to upload image from my server but it is not opening dialog to upload file.

Below are code some which i used :

Insert Mode:

<cms:ImageSelector ID="imgSelectRed1" runat="server" ImageHeight="50" ShowImagePreview="true" ShowClearButton="true" UseImagePath="true" IsLiveSite="false" Enabled="true" />

Update Mode:

<cms:File ID="ucMetaFileRed1" runat="server" Enabled="true" ViewStateMode="Enabled" />

Can any one help me what is the issue with my uploader which was working fine till now ?

Thank You Ankit.

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Debashis Raybiztech answered on July 13, 2015 12:25

@ankit Hi, As you are saying before it was working fine, so please go through the below steps

  1. Please check the event log in cmsdesk for the issue.

  2. Otherwise check the database connection string which may cause error.

  3. Goto CMSDesk-> System -> restart application.

it may resolve your problem

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