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Youssef Kettani asked on June 2, 2017 17:58

Hi, In the CKEditor toolbar, when I click on the 'Insert Link' button a window opens up (with tabs Attachments, Content, Media Libraries, Web, Anchor, Email). I was wondering if there were any configuration options available for that window.

I am particularly interested in modifying the 'advanced section' of the 'Web tab'. There is a 'Class' textbox where a user can specify a CSS class and I wish to guide our users with a list of available classes for links. It could be a dropdown, a tooltip, etc... Thank you,

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Zach Perry answered on June 5, 2017 19:02

You would have to modify the control that is displayed in that window, and not the CKEditor itself. You would have to clone a few controls, because that Form control uses HTMLLinkProperties.ascx, that is the file you need to change from a textbox to a drop down.

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