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Ivan Louw asked on October 7, 2019 14:25

Hi Guys,

Just need some info, which is not clear to me going through the documentation.

I busy setting up a website across 2 networks. One internal and the other more public. The public network will host the websites and the administrative console will be hosted internal. All website will share a data base and the public site will use a load balancer and webfarm.

Media folders.

When adding new files to the media folder will the webfarm migrate the newly added files to the websites?

Can the website in the farm work from a central location?


My website will not have direct access to the admin ci Repository as they reside on different domain and with locked port, file share is also frowned on.

Must I copy the ci repository to the websites each time a change is made or is there a way around this? Is access from the websites to the admin ci Repository really needed?

Thanks for the advice.

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Ivan Louw answered on October 7, 2019 14:30

Also Since I am using a webfarm consisting out of 2 sites, with a load balancer. the 2 sites will service one address, how is the webfarm setup as the load balancer will only have one address? Thus breaking the webfarm from what I saw in the interface? I see only one server and not 2.

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David te Kloese answered on October 11, 2019 13:44

Is this an MVC application where the live site is the public one, and the admin interface is just restricted?

CI is only needed on the admin part, but actually only meant for development... so not recommended to keep running on production.

If it's MVC both applications (live site and admin site) connect to same DB anyway so only 1 restore is enough.

In regards to having 2 instances behind a load balancer, you'll need to name the instances:

Add the following (with different value on each) to the app settings section in each of the web.config files on both nodes <add key="CMSWebFarmServerName" value="xyz" />

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Ivan Louw answered on October 28, 2019 02:11

Hi David, Thanks for the feedback. This was resolved by a 2 server licence. nameing the instance also helped. Thanks

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